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Face Painting Business Goals

When starting a face painting business, or at any given time in the life of your business, you should never lose track of what the goals for your business are. Goals are what give your business direction and by establishing goals you can also measure your progress against those goals.

For any business to succeed there are two important things to consider: Establishing Goals and having a good Decision Process based on them.

Establishing Goals for your Face Painting Business

No matter if you are face painting for fun or for profit, you should have clear goals in mind so that at the end of the day you feel accomplished. There are many different goals that you can set for yourself and they can all be valid ones. Examples of great goals for your face painting business can be:

  • Increase Profits
  • Increase Sales
  • Grow your business
  • Increase your market share
  • Have fun
  • Provide the Best Customer Service

You can choose more than one goal, but you should know that the more goals you have the harder it is to accomplish them all and to focus your energy on what you expect from your business.

“Every Decision Counts, Make Them Worth It!” – Santi Massano from Jest Paint

I suggest you think about the goals you want to establish for your face painting or body art business, and then write them down and have them in your office area, somewhere where you can see them so that you are always aware of them.

Making Decisions Based on your Business Goals

Once you have decided the goal or goals for your business you can start making smart decisions that will get you closer to achieving your goals. From now on, every business decisions should go through that filter: will this decisions help me move closer to my established goal? If not, it is likely not worth your time or money. It is not necessarily a bad decision per se, it just might not be the right decision for your business based on your goals.

Making Face Paint Decissions

At the beginning, thinking like this might be hard, but as you practice you will realize how much easier it is to make decisions when you have established goals. You will become much more efficient which means that instead of working harder you will be working smarter.

A Real Life Example

Lets say that you have establish that your goal is to maximize profits, meaning you want to maximize the amount of money you have left after all your expenses are paid. Now, you are considering investing in Rainbow Cakes, because you have seen them and you think they look so great, and they are so pretty, you just want a set for you.

The question you need to ask yourself is: will buying a set of Rainbow Cakes help me maximize profits?

Well, Rainbow Cakes can help you speed up your face painting and will make your designs look much more detailed without adding extra work. That means that you might be able to charge more per designs and you should be able to paint more kids per hour. If the increase in sales is larger than the investment you made buying those face paints then you are good to go.

Repeat this process for every decisions and you will be on track to having a successful business!

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