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Branding for Face Painters

When running a business, be it a Face Painting business or a Hamburger Joint, one of the most important things your business should have is a Brand. If you are not sure of what a Brand really is, you can check this article at Forbes, it has a very good definition and short history of branding: What is a Brand Anyway?

A brand is “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes” – David Ogilvy

So, based on David Ogilvy’s definition, a brand is what your customers perceive of you, what they think of your business when they hear your business name.

When we started our Face Painting Store, JestPaint.com, we did not have a good grasp on branding, and it took us 8 years to develop a brand that was consistent and easy to identify for everybody, so don’t feel bad if you realize you haven’t done much about branding, but use this blog to get you started!

A very good example of great branding in the face painting industry is that of our friend Lenore for Branding Blog.jpg
Lenore Koppelman: The Cheeky ChipmunkWhen I hear Lenore’s name the first thing that comes to my mind is her brand name. I can picture in my head her logo (can you picture it?), her painting style, her professional looking website, etc. She has really done a great job at communicating and establishing her brand, which has landed her great customers and a lot of attention on the very competitive market of New York.

If you are interested in learning about branding, Lenore will be teaching a class on that matter at different conventions around the USA this year. Feel free contact her to find out when and where she will be teaching them.

How to Create a Brand for your Face Painting Business

Creating a brand requires some research and thinking. This won’t come to you in one morning of work, and it will likely be something that will continue to evolve in years to come. But, there are a few essential things that you have to think of:

Create a Brand Name. You need to think of a catchy name, that will be easy to remember and easy to distinguish from your competitor’s. For Example: The Cheeky Chipmunk is a lot more catchy and unique than Lenore’s Face Painting. Make sure to do your research so that you don’t choose a name that has been taken by somebody else already. If you value your business and you think your brand is worth it, consider filing a Trade Mark for it. Legalzoom can do it for you fairly easily (although is not cheap). One important thing to think when choosing your brand: is the domain name already taken? What about the Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter user names?

Create a Logo. A logo is the symbol that identifies your brand. I suggest you hire a professional designer to help you come up with a logo that is easy to identify, that truly represents your brand, and that can tell a story or sell your brand name. Think of what colors will represent your brand, what message you want to communicate, what shapes and forms will better convey your brand, etc. You can contact Tal if you need help designing your logo.

Give your Brand a Soul. Now that you have come up with a look for your brand, you need to give it a soul. What is your brand about? What is the story behind your face painting business? What is the story behind your business name? Why did you choose that logo and how the colors represent your business? Your brand’s soul plays a key part on attracting and keeping customers interested. I always say that what you sell is not a product or a service, but an experience; make sure that you communicate what the experience of hiring you as a face painter will feel like.

Start the Branding Process. Once you have a brand and a logo, you have created an ID for your face painting business. Now it is time to make sure that every aspect of your business reflects that ID. Your business cards, website and social media pages should all have your brand name and logo, and they should all look like they are all part of the same brand. Make sure that the color schemes, the fonts you use, the language, the pictures, the forms, are all connected to your brand so that your customers can easily identify your business regardless of how and where they find it. Look at your face painting outfit, your kit, your tent, your chair: are they all branded? If not, they should! Those are all billboards for you, and they are free to put out when you are painting, so make sure you brand them!

If you are now wondering, is all of this worth my time? You might want to read another one of our blog posts regarding your face painting business.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Leave us a comment below telling us what makes your brand unique and don’t forget to subscribe!

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