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Global Face Painting Carnival Kit

Travelling is always a pleasure, but moving your giant face painting kit around isn’t, that is why, finding the perfect face painting travel kit is so important for when you need to take your paints with you on trips.

If you are like most face painters, you take your face paints on every trip, and I am sure you must have a few TSA stories to tell: nothing like when they see your practice head through their scanner! So, to make life easier, Anna and I (owners of JestPaint) helped Global Body Art design two very compact yet versatile travel face painting kits that every face painter will love.

The Global Carnival Face Painting Kit

This awesome travel face painting kit has six of Global’s most popular Fun Strokes, five split cakes with the most essential colors that every face painter needs, and one full cake of white face paint. The kit allows you to do full faces using the solid colors on the split cakes, and it provides you with Fun Strokes to do one stroke style designs that are bold and fast to do. The only things you would need to add is a round brush, a flat 3/4″ brush, some face painting glitter and maybe  a collapsible water container.

With this kit you are ready for your next convention, just get some baby wipes and a few shirts and you are good to go!

The Global Rainbow Explosion Face Painting Kit

If you are addicted to rainbow cakes and all you need in your life to make you happy areGlobal Face Painting Rainbow Explosion Kit Global Fun Strokes, then, this kit is perfect for you. The Global Rainbow Explosion Face Painting Kit has ten of the most popular Global Fun Strokes and full cakes of white and black face paint. The kit includes a green gradient, a blue gradient, a rainbow, a brown gradient, a red gradient, and other super popular Fun Strokes. If you have some extra space you can also take a Face Painting Practice Board with you!

Not Just Travel Face Painting Kits

The best part about these face painting kits is that they are not just great for travelling, but they also make awesome presents, perfect walk around kits, nice practice kits for beginners or for the loved ones in your life that like to face paint just for fun, and even great fund raising kits!

If you are new to face painting and you need some help, please visit the following link to learn how to face paint.

The great thing about Global face paints is that they are packed with pigments that are easy to wash off, are safe for the skin, made with FDA compliant ingredients and have never been tested on animals or contain any animal by products.

Let us know what you think about these great kits, and if you would like to see different versions of them. Don’t forget to subscribe!


  1. I love the rainbow explosion kit!! I plan on buying another and getting the carnival kit as well. I thought it couldn’t get any better than the smaller rainbow kits. I was wrong! I use it as part of my larger kit, also. Would love to see these in many different varieties. I’ll definitely be getting them all!

  2. I am curious what other brands also do not contain animal by products and are not tested on animals?
    Diamond FX?

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