How to Face Paint | 5 Tricks to Make your Butterflies Perfect

Butterfly Face Painting

You can’t be the best face painter in town if you don’t know how to face paint a great looking butterfly, so you should practice them until they fly naturally off of your brush.

Butterflies are easily the most popular face painting design so dominating your butterflies can set you apart from the rest. There are no hidden secrets or proprietary formulas, and you don’t need to be a master painter to make a perfect butterfly, you just need to practice and follow the 5 tricks I will share with you below.

How to Face Paint a Butterfly

1 – Get the Shape Right. Your butterfly wings should basically be 2 triangles with the right angle in the inner corner of the eyes and the base along the side of your face.How to Face Paint a Butterfly

2 – Avoid the Cheeks. Keep the entire face painted area above the cheeks to make your face painted butterfly look fresher and lighter on the face. You can extend the design below the cheeks if you go around them, towards the edge of your face, but never across them.

3.The Forehead Matters. Leave an upside down empty triangle in the forehead area; it doesn’t have to be a perfect triangle, but the overall shape should resemble one.  This makes for a cleaner face painting design and it gives you room to put the body of the butterfly if you wish to do so.

“I used Global Rainbow Cake Maui for this Design” – Anna Wilinski

4 – Use Contrasting Face Paint Colors. The use of contrast is highly effective to catch the eye of those looking at the design: graphic designers and photographers often use contrast to make more eye catching images. Look at a color wheel if you need help choosing contrasting face paint colors.

5 – Edge your Design. It is very important for your design to stand out, and that can be easily achieved by edging the wings of your butterfly. You don’t always have to use black face paint to do the edging. You can try using white, yellow, dark blue or any other color that will contrast with the rest of your design.

If you need extra help learning how to face paint go to YouTube, there are thousands of great tutorials available and they are free!

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  1. Thank you!! After years I still struggle with the butterflies!! I’ve changed them but still came up short. I will use these guidelines and just start like I am a beginner. This will help me a lot!!! xoxo!!

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