How to Face Paint a Tiger | 5 Incredible Tricks

How to Face Paint a Tiger

Have you ever been at a face painting gig and were not asked to paint a tiger? Likely the answer to that question is “no”. Tigers are extremely popular characters in the face painting world so learning how to face paint a great tiger can make a big difference on your business.

Learning how to face paint a tiger is not a complicated task and it does not require any secret knowledge, so don’t worry, you can do this if your practice and apply the 5 tricks posted below.

Five Tricks to Face Paint a Tiger

1 – Apply a Base. Start with shaping the face with a base face paint color. You don’t necessarily want to cover the entire face in orange face paint, but rather recreate the shape of a tiger’s face onto your model’s face. This will create a more real life like face painting design that will make the difference between painting your customer as a tiger vs making your How to Face Paint a Tiger Step 1customer become a tiger. If you are going for a more fantasy like tiger, you have the option to cover the entire face. To apply the base color use a face painting sponge. It is best if you use a few different colors for the base since tigers are not monochromatic. Use a dark orange on the outer edges of your design, some white on the eye and muzzle area, and a lighter orange or yellow by the nose area. Glycerin based face paints like Paradise Face Paints are great for applying smooth bases.

2 – Apply the line work. Now that you learned how to face paint a base for your tiger, it is time to add some very important line work. Take some time to look at a real tiger face and learn the basic flow of their lines. Your line work should flow naturally, lines should go from thin to thick to thin and they should be irregular; so shake your brush a bit, change the pressure on it, as you face paint those lines. Stay away from the nose since tigers don’t have stripes near How to Face Paint a Tiger Step 2the nose. When shaping the muzzle don’t go below the mouth opening or your tiger will look droopy. When lining the eyes, make sure to outline them right below the eyelash to prevent giving a baggy eyes look. Wax based or Acacia Senegal Gum based face paints like Global Body Art are great for line work.

3 – Throw some shade. Your face painting designs need to have depth so it is very important to learn how to face paint shades and add contrast to your tigers. Take another look at a tiger picture, notice the shading by the nose area, the inner corners of the eyes and the forehead. You can add that using a dark brown or black and a dry face painting blending brush or sponge. Simply load your sponge or brush with face paint and wipe it on a towel until it is almost dry; now brush on that darker shade to create depth. Glycerin based face paints are perfect for doing dry blending.

4 – Be Nosy. Noses are important, and a bad nose job can ruin your face painting design. Make sure you take some time to learn how to face paint a proper tiger nose. Their nosesHow to Face Paint a Tiger Step 3 are fairly small, and different than a puppy dog’s nose. Think of it as a rounded Y shape that goes around the top part of the nostrils and down into the bottom of your nose.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Learning how to face paint a good tiger face takes practice! You might want to get some face painting practice boards if you don’t have models available or you get tired of face painting your own face. Don’t practice all at once. Start practicing just the base shape, then move on to line work, and then shading. You can practice just basic line work for a while, without making an actual tiger face. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional face painter, a beginner face painter or even a cosplayer; we all need to practice to get better.

If you are looking for alternative ways to face paint a tiger you can click on this video tutorial on How to Face Paint a Tiger or this other one to learn how to face paint a fantasy tiger.

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