How to Face Paint? | 3 Must Haves for Face Painting a Fairy Princess Crown

Face Painting a Fairy Princess Crown

So, you wake up one day, you get ready for your gig, you pack up your face painting supplies, drive to

Face Painting a Fairy Princess Crown
Designed by Anna Wilinski

the location, start face painting and the first guest comes to you and says: “I want to be a Fairy Princess” …. WHAT?

For many face painters I am sure this is a no brainer, they have done thousands of them, but if you are new to face painting, this request might throw you off. The kid is not asking for a fairy to be face painted on their face, they want to BE a fairy, and not any fairy, but a princess one!

So, if this is your case, don’t worry! I will walk you through the 3 critical must haves for these and pretty much all princess crown’s face painting designs.

Keep your Face Painting Crown Delicate

When face painting a princess crown, be it a fairy princess or not, you want to keep your design delicate. Use smaller strokes and make sure they flow the right way. Choose focal points, and have your strokes flow in that direction.

For the design on this post, Anna has one big focal point in between the eyes, then 2 smaller focal points on the outer corners of the eyes, and 2 more smaller focal points on the inner corners of the eyes.

How to Face Paint a Fairy Princess Crown

Anna chose to leave much of the background empty, and just applied a small amount of face paint to the eye lid area with a very gentle padding of her sponge and a rainbow cake.

“Fairies have to be one thing or the other, because being so small they unfortunately have room for one feeling only at a time.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Choose the Right Face Painting Colors

Choosing the right set of face paint colors for your design is important. Normally you will want to go with a softer palette, to keep your design delicate and gentle looking. You can go for something bolder if you wish, but either way you want to make sure you use complimentary colors that don’t clash together.

For this design Anna decided to go with Global Colours Face Paint green deep, white, magenta, orange, yellow, white, rose brown and dark blue to give the face painting fairy princess crown a more ethereal look.

Use Different Size Elements in Your Face Painting Designs

This tip is good to keep in mind for almost all face painting designs. Using elements that vary in size and shape keep your designs interesting. Even when you stick to one shape, like small dots, making them go from large to small, or small to large, will make them a lot more interesting than if you make every one of them the same size.

Anna  did this by having one large flower in the center and two smaller ones on the sides, and by adding small little dots that changed in size around different areas of the design.

Additional Tip: How to Face Paint Flowers

For this particular face painting design Anna used a lot of “double dip” flowers. Look at How to Face Paint Flower Petalsthe image below to get an idea of how to build these flowers and what brush to use. Anna used the Bolt Brush Small Firm Blooming for this design. There are two options to do this:

1- One is to first load your brush with white (or the lighter color), then wipe off the tip of your brush on a paper towel and load a darker color just on the tip of your brush.

2- The second option is to load your brush across a Global Fun Stroke so that the bristles would pick on 3 colors at the same time, the darker color being by the end, and the lighter one by the base of the brush.

Once you have your brush loaded all you have to do is press it against the skin as a stamp. The more your press the larger the petals will be.

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