How to Face Paint Safely

Global Beginner Face Painting Kit

Face Painting can be great fun for kids and adults and create lasting memories. There is nothing like seeing your child smile in front of the mirror when he first sees his face transformed into the character he chose. Adults love it to, and more often than not Face Painting can become a family bonding activity. This is why it is very important to learn how to face paint safely.

To make sure that the fun continues even after you got painted it is important to do it safely. Lucky for us, there are many professional face painting brands that provide safe high quality face paints that are specifically designed to be used on the skin.

How to Choose Safe Face Paints

As a rule of thumb, don’t go for the “do it yourself” face paint recipes, markers or acrylics. None of those products were designed to be used on skin, and they can leave really hard to remove stains or cause allergic reactions.

To face paint safely it is important stick to well known professional brands sold at reputable online stores. Face Painting is a niche market and in general you won’t find high quality safe face painting brands at stores like Walmart or craft stores. The best brands are sold online by stores operated by professional face painters that have your child’s best interest in mind. You can check to find affordable high quality face paints. Although you can find good brands on Amazon or Ebay, you won’t know how to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones there unless you are a professional face painter, and many times the suppliers are not professional face painters so they won’t be able to give you a lot of advice.

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Global Beginner Face Painting Kit

A brand that we recommend to those looking to face paint safely is Global Body Art. Global face paints are made with FDA compliant ingredients and they are vegan.

When choosing a brand make sure that they are made with FDA approved pigments. The FDA regulates face paints in the USA to make sure that they are made with safe ingredients meant to be used on skin. Don’t just settle for hypoallergenic, natural, organic or non toxic labels. Markers are non toxic when used as directed, but they were not designed for skin. The most important thing to consider is that the label should clearly state that the paints are made with FDA approved pigments.

How to Apply Face Paints Safely

When concerned about how to face paint safely it is not only important to consider the products you use but also the application process. When face painting always make sure to use clean face painting brushes and sponges. After using them always wash them off with soap and water and let them dry completely before starting a new round of face painting. This way you will prevent passing around germs.

Different countries and even different states have different regulations regarding sanitation, but as a rule of thumb you should always sanitize your brushes in between uses and consider using one sponge per kid per event. You can sanitize the sponges after your event or play time and let them dry before re-using them.

Ideally you will use synthetic sponges and brushes to safely apply the face paint since that material is easier to sanitize than organic materials.

How to Safely remove Face Paint

The last step you need to pay attention to when learning how to face paint safely is washing off the face paint. When the party is over and it is time for clean up, always use warm water, a gentle soap and a face painting sponge or soft clothe to remove the face paint from the face. Avoid using harsh chemicals or makeup removers, as well as scented wet wipes since those can cause an allergic reaction. Also, never apply excessive friction since that can create a rash. Gentle circular moves and patience are all you need.

If you are left with a ghost stain after washing your face off, you can let that sit overnight and it will likely be gone by the next day. Otherwise, a bit of lotion can help remove any left over pigments.

If you are looking for an online face painting school where you can learn all there is about face painting, including how to face paint safely, have a look at Olga Murasev’s International face Painting School!

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